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Meet Our Members

We are a close-knit community dedicated to helping each other succeed. Get to know the people who will care and work for your business the same way you do.

Aaron Breudigam

Graham Automall
Member since 2001

Austyn Hester

Integrity Lawn Maintenance And Snowplowing
Member Since 2023

Beau Shaw

Home & Kitchen Supply
Member Since 2001

Brett Salimbene

Jones Digital Print Center
Member Since 2020

Brett Woodward

Woody Wood Services
Member Since 2004

Brian Keener

Sam's Club

Brian Skowronski

BS Media Productions | OH Report
Member Since 2023

Caleb Brown

C.B. Electrical Services LLC
Member Since 2023

Cathy Sapp

Avita Home Health & Hospice
Member Since 2019

Christen Dingess

Schmidt Security Pro
Member Since 1998

Dan Seitz

Seitz Solutions
Member Since 2016

Deborah Newmeyer

Bob & Bob Door Co.
Member Since 2023

Eric Gilbert

American Homestead Exteriors
Member Since 2022

Esther Mueller

Southern Title of Ohio, Ltd.
Member Since 2005

Gary Walters

Rinehart, Walters, Danner & Assoc.
Member Since 1998

Greg Kibler

Personal Wealth Solutions
Member Since 1998

Jack Hooks

Carothers Pest Control
Member Since 2016

Jack Motta

One Eyed Graphics
Member since 2021

Jason Bivens

Huntington Bank
Member since 2021

Jeff Wakeley

Wakeley's Air Duct Cleaning
Member Since 2023

Jerry Mercer

Shambaugh Cleaning & Restoration
Member since 2022

Jesse Schrake

Crystal Clear Window Washing
Member since 2023

Jim Banks

Banks & Associates CPAs LLC
Member Since 2022

Mark Albert

Buckeye Horizon
Member Since 1999

Matt Michael

Dearman Moving & Storage
Member Since 1999

Mike Badamy

Ace Auto Performance
Member Since 2000

Mike McAvinew

Thorough Burro Home Inspection
Member since 2024

Shannon Sheets

BA Manufacturing Solutions
Member Since 2023

Sonya Morgan

Pinnacle Building Services
Member Since 2023

Stephanie Lane

Wellspring Custom Pharmacy
Member Since 2023

Steve McKown

Text Loyal | Your Payment Guy
Member Since 2010

Susan Falde

Coldwell Banker
Member Since 2012

Ted Hahn

HR Outfitters
Member Since 2023

Tim Kissinger

Modern Office Methods
Member Since 2019
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